FSA helps me to implement humanitarian works inside Syria

Rami Adham claimed he has become the target for Assad regime forces, ISIS, and Shia militias because of his humanitarian activities.

14 Juli 2016 16:16

He has left his homeland for 28 years but he never forget his beloved Syria, especially since the war started in that country five years ago.

Rami Adham, 43 year-old, has been living in Finland since 1988. He is so concerned with the humanitarian crisis faced by the Syrian civilians, children in particularly.  

So disrupted and very care on Syrian kids, Adham, father of six children, initiated his first humanitarian trip to Syria in 2012. In the first trip, he delivered around 80 toys for Syrian children in a refugee camp.

Almost two weeks ago, Adham - originally from Aleppo - came back from his 27th humanitarian mission to Syria. He has promised to devout his life for the sake of Syrian humanitarian crisis and trying to help Syrians to rebuild their country once the war is over.

He has established  Sumo Syyria, a humanitarian organisation which he has established and based in Finland - https://www.facebook.com/ssyrelief/?fref=ts&__mref=message_bubble.

Because of his aid to deliver toys for the Syrian kids in refugee camps inside Syria, he has already got a nickname "the toy smuggler of Aleppo. "Ever since that trip, I travel to Syria every two months. Every time I go there I have 600 to 800 toys with me that I can deliver," Adham said yesterday in an exclusive interview via Whats App with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.  


How did you get the idea to donate toys for Syrian kidns in refugee camps?

I have started watching the Syrian crisis since it beginning in March 2011 and I was watching over the year of the crisis, the changes of the catastrophies, and human suffering inside Syria, thousands of people fleeing the country, and over 60 percents of those people are refugees.

So, I decided to intiate my own personal humanitarian trip to Syria. I am originally from Syria and I decided to travel to Syria myself with own money and deliver it. Since I decided to do this first trip in 2012, my daughter, at the time she was three years old, she suggested to me that "Daddy I want you to take these toys that I have extra here."

Of course, being a father of six, I know excatly what the toy does mean for the kid and how important a toy for a kid and their formal relationship and friendship with the toy. Somehow, these toys become relief for the kids in war and I thought this is such important thing. I decided to perceive with this thing.

How many toys did you bring for the Syrian kids in your first humanitarian trip?

First trip I went there, I had 50 to 80 toys. They were only just from my own home. I went to Syria and had these toys with me and that was a huge present for the kids.  
How was the Syrian kids reaction when you brought those toys?

I was shocked with the reception of the kids that I found. They were so happy, it was a festival of joy.  I was also so happy to be able to deliver these toys.

Ever since that trip, I travel to Syria every two months. Every time I go there I have 600 to 800 toys with me that I can deliver. Of course, I started asking people here (in Finland) to donate their toys to me. I have right now thousands of toys in my store waiting to be delivered to Syria.

I am more than happy to do this. It is such a blessing to do that and continue doing this, making the Syrian kids happy.    
Until now, how many time you already visited Syrian for humanitarian mission?

Ten days ago I came back from my 27th humanitarian trip to Syria.

How did you get permission from the Turkish authorities to cross to Syria?

How I got the permission through the Turkish government to get enter the Syria and out, I can not comment on this to media.

Where are most areas you visited?

I have been all over areas that have been liberated from Assad regime. I have been in Aleppo, Aleppo countryside, Idlib, Idlib countryside, and also refugee camps across Syrian-Turkish border on the Syrian side.

Did you get help from Syrian rebels that make you enable to travel to those areas?

Yes of course, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are helping me with the security make sure our trip in secure ways. Of course, with the protection of these people, they are all Syrians, they are all locals. Without their help and security, it will be very very difficult to implement our works inside Syria, especially in 2013 while ISIS was all over the places.

Considering your humanitarian activities in Syria and also helped by FSA, do you realize that you are already being targetted by the regime forces?

Always of course, always I am the target for the Syrian regime forces and of course for ISIS and Shia militias. Always I am their target.

How much do you pay for FSA for arrange protection for you?

I pay nothing because they are locals, Syrians, and they are more than happy to arrange help for the civilians inside Syria, especially kids.

Can you describe in general how bad the condition of Syrian kids inside refugee camps?

How I can describe in short terms brother. I mean living in a tent for at least five years in a row in a tent that is supposed to be temporarily for three to six month living in there is a terrible condition, not able to go to school properly, not able to wash properly, not able to feel warm in the winter, not able to feel cool in the winter, not having a secure world, just a tent.

And also not having playground where you can play. Kids play between tents and outdoor. It is a terrible situation. Of course, their adults can not finding a really proper job to support their families. Some of kids are even malnutrition. The good thing is nobody bombing them.           

Do you have any plan to raise a campaign to call for people in Finland to adopt Syrian orphans?

We already had a campaign to sponsor orphans. Adopting in Islam is not allowed. Therefore, I am not going to do this but I do have orphans sponsorship. In Islam, we can sponsor an orphan, we can take care an orphan, and I have registered for the last three years orphans in refugee camps in Aleppo, Aleppo countryside and arranged who can take care them by small payment monthly.

So far, we have been registering 2,400 orphans in Aleppo and Aleppo countryside. And from those orphans we have registered, we have managed to find in the last two and half years sponsors for over 418 orphans that we deliver aid for them in many ways. Sponsors pay to us and we deliver this money in cash every time I go to Syria to deliver aid.

If the war in Syria is everlasting, will you continue your humanitarian trip to Syriah for the rest of your life?

Yes brother, of course. Right now, we are in first aid situation at the moment. We are trying to stop the bleeding, we are trying to help people survive from the death surrounding them. When the war is over, I will be ever more busy trying to help my people rebuild their country and rebuild every little thing that Syrian kids have lost. Their schools, their hospitals, their playgrounds, their everything.

I will do my best. Since I started this from 2012, I have devouted my life for the sake of the Syrian humanitarian crisis. As a Syrian, I am trying to do my best helping my own people standing on their feet again.

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