I want there is House of Indonesia in Palestine

"I was appointed as Indonesia's honorary consul for Palestine, include the West Bank and Gaza," said Maha Abu Shusha.

13 Oktober 2016 09:55

In March this year became a historical moment, not only for Indonesia but also for Palestine, especially Maha Abu Shusha. On March 13, 2016, Indonesia's Minister for Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi inaugurated Maha Abu Shusha as the first Indonesian Honorary Consul for Palestine, based in Ramallah, West Bank.

Unfortunately, the inauguration forcely committed in the Emabassy of Indonesia in Amman, Jordan, not in Ramallah as it was planned. Because Irali authorities have refused to allow Retno enter the West Bank through King Husain Bridge.

She looked happily when asked about her appoinment as the first Indonesian Honorary Consul for Palestine, in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co, prior to a last night dinner with more than a hundred of businessmen from Jordan and Palestine hosted by the Ambassador of Indonesia for Jordan Teguh Wardoyo at Bandar Jakarta restaurant in Ancol, north Jakarta.


How do you feel for being an Indonesia's first honorary consul for Palestine?  

I am very please with that appoinment and I am also being honored to represent the goverment and the people of Indonesia in Palestine. I will work through efforts to strengthen and enhance the relationship and friendship between Indonesia and Palestine.

How would you aim that goal because Palestine still under the occupation of Israel?

I know the fact that we are still occupied by the Israeli but the two nations can cooperate in trade and economic sectors, include tourism. I know pilgrims and tourists from Indonesia increasely come to Palestine.

I wish we can have House of Indonesia in Palestine as a house for Indonesians who come to Palestine.

Do you get obstacles from the Israeli government for that position?

No, I still can do my job as a honorary consul for Palestine to do the best to strengthen cooperation and relations in economic, sosial, and cultural between Indonesia and Palestine.   

There are 42 businessmen from Palestine coming to Trade Expo Indonesia. What do you expect?

I do not want to expect very high. But I believe businessmen from the two countries can cooperate. I know Indonesian businessmen can enter and exit Palestine freely and they can get permission from Israel.

Some critics said your appoinment only for the West Bank not for Gaza?

There is no mention about that. I was appointed as Indonesia's honorary consul for Palestine, include the West Bank and Gaza.

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