Israel refused anybody to visit Barghuti since the hunger strike launched

"It is not allowed for him to have visitors, from his family, from his lawyer, or from the Red Cross. We don't know his situation, we don't know his health condition," said Qassam Barghuti.

01 Mei 2017 21:42

His father, Marwan Barghuti, has been imprisoned for the last 15 years in the Israeli prison. He had been also in jail for four years and lived in the same cell with his father for two months.

Today is one of the scariest time for Barghuti's family. Israel took him to the solitary confinement since he launched and led Palestinian prisoners for hunger strike more than two weeks ago.

Qassam Barghuti, the eldest son of Marwan Barghuti, claimed he hasn't seen his father for the last three years. His mother, Fadwa Barghuti, visited Marwan two weeks before the hungger strike was launched.

According to his mother, Qassam explained that his father was in a very strong spirit, he was in good condition, good health. But since the hunger strike was launched two weeks ago, nobody knows anything about Marwan Barghuti.  

We don't know anything about his situation in the prison because the Israeli occupation refused to allow anybody to visit him," said Qassam Barghuti today in an exclusive interview by phone with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.


How about your father's condition in the prison?

It is not allowed for him to have visitors, from his family, from his lawyer, or from the Red Cross. We don't know his situation, we don't know his health condition. We don't know anything about his situation in the prison because the Israeli occupation refused to allow anybody to visit him.

So, we have so many concerns about his health condition and his situation in the solitary confinement.

Does your father participate in the hunger strike?

When they anoounced the hunger strikes, he is the leader of the hunger strikes. Yes, he has participated for 15 days.

When did you visit your father for the last time?

I haven't seen him for the last three years. My mother visitede him two weeks befire the hunger strikes.

How was your father's condition according to your mother?

Well, he was in a very strong spirit, he was in good condition, good health, and has high determination to achieve victory in the struggle because he believes that his battle is legitimate and it is a humanitarian issue.

The demands of our prisoners are very simple. They want to communicate with their families, they want to be allowed to use phones to talk to their families, they want to enhance their conditions, and of course, they want to stop the violation of the occupation army to our prisoners.

Before the hunger strikes, he was in the good shape. We don't have any information after the hunger strikes started because they sent him to the isolation. They prevented the lawyer from visiting him, they prevented the Red Cross from visiting him, and nobody is allowed to know anything about him. This is the scariest part from the story.

Is there any message from your father after the hunger strike launched?

The last thing that came out from my father was the article written in the New York Times and it was popular the first day from the hunger strikes on April, 17.

This was the last message he delivered and of course some other messages were prepared to be used during the hunger strikes.

Do you worry about your father conditions during this hunger strike?

Of course, we are very worried. The family is very scared about his situation, about his health condition. Unfortunately, we don't have any tool to communicate with him and make sure everything about him. Everybody is very worried about this.          

Is there any Israeli intimidation against your family?

As I said, they took him to the solitary confinement. They keep him from the whole world. It is very scared for the family. It's putting pressure for the family.

Is there any direct threat or intimidation against your family?

All the Palestinians are suffering from the occupation treatments such as checkpoints, confiscating lands, buldozing houses, and taking the Palestinian cities and properties to erase people. It is hard for everybody. WE are part of this suffer.

Regarding your father's long imprisonment, what d you think about his future as many Palestinians believe that he will replace Mahmud Abbas once the presidential election held?

For us, the mos important thing is to know that my father and all the Palestinian prisoners are in good shape, good health, and good condition. it is not a political tactic or issue.

Marwan Barghuti was sacrificing his life to protect Palestinian people. So, anything he will do in the future will be good for the Palestinian people.

Is there any message from your father that you must be a Palestinian leader in the future?

I believe that all the Palestinian people will never stop their struggle against the occupation until they achieve their freedom. The Palestinian peole will never stop producing the new leaders.

Are you ready to take the same path as your father has taken?

We hope my father will still be leading the Palestinian people to achieve dignity and freedom with all the freedom fighters we have in the prisons.     

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