Prince Faisal bin Turki does not want to recognize me as his son

"My mother said to him, 'if you hear the name of Adolf, you have to remember that you have a child in Lebanon,'" said Adolf

30 Oktober 2017 13:35

He is actually a prince because he was born 59 years ago from a Lebanese mother and a prince from Saudi Arabia.

Though he can not put title Prince in fornt of his name because his father, Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud, does not want to recognize him as his son.

That's why her mother, Rita Kassamanian, gave his name as Adolf Derestepanian. She did not put Adolf bin Prince Faisal bin Turki.

"When I was born, my mother told my father, she would give her baby name Adolf because Adolf (refers to late Nazi leader Adolf Hitler) always become news. My mother said to him, 'if you hear the name of Adolf, you have to remember that you have a child in Lebanon,'" said Adolf yesterday, in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.

He shows Albalad.co all evidences he has to prove he is the son of Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud, include a picture when his parents get married in Lebanon and a Family Tree DNA Certificate issued in 2014 which confirmed about his blood relatinship with Prince Faisal bin Turki.

Adolf has several step brothers and sisters, like former Saudi Ambassador for the US Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki and Saudi Ambassador for Jordan Prince Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki.

When the civilian war started in Lebanon in 1975, Adolf moved to Germany alone. Then he get married with a German girl and has three sons - Jean, Andre, and Levon.

Adolf who lives in Frankfurt has a business in restaurant since 30 years ago. He converted to Islam three years ago.

He claims that he met with his father only two times, in 1980 and 2009.

Speaking to Albalad.co, Adolf acknowledges that he really miss his father and he will take all risks to meet with him in Saudi Arabia.


What is your name given by your mother?

My name is Adolf Derestepanian.

Can you tell me how did your mother meet with your father?

In 1954-1955, my father, Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud, was spending his holiday in Lebanon. During his driving, he is in the car with his chauffeur. He drove two or three times on the same street and he saw my mother was buying the vegetables.

After third time he saw my mother buying the vegetables, he asked his chauffeur her home address, where she lives. His chauffeur found her address after two or three days because he was asking around and paying somebody money, he found her home address.

At the time, my mother was living with my grandmother and her three sisters. Because my father died.

After a while, he (Prince Faisal) sent some flowers to her at home and he asked my grandmother to marry her. And the he came to her home and he met my mother and also my grandmother. After a while, they got married.

My mother is Lebanese Armenian Christian. When they got married, my mother converted to Islam and they got married in Islamic ritual. He came to my moother's home eight times, about 4-6 months, before they got married.

But my father already married before. His wife is the older sister of the Saudi King now (King Salman bin Abdul Aziz). She died in 2009. Her name is Luluwa. She was very strong.

When he marry my mother, he frequently travel between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

When my mother was pregnant in the second month, my father told her to cancel her pregnant. So, she canceled the pregnant of her first child. The second pregnant, also after two months, she canceled too.

The third child, it was me, she was pregnant in the sixth month and she was willing that child. But my father told her, "I don't want" and asked her to cancel too. He was afraid that he would have problems with his wife in Saudi Arabia.

My mother told her that she can't cancel the pregnant because it was already six months. My father told her, "If you don't do it, I will leave you."

Then my mother gave a birth and that was me and my father left them. He took all the papers from the government. He paid the witnesses not to say anything.

When I was born, my mother told my father, she would give her baby name Adolf because Adolf (refers to late Nazi leader Adolf Hitler) always become news. My mother said to him, 'if you hear the name of Adolf, you have to remember that you have a child in Lebanon.'"

Why my second name is Derestepanian, because my mother was afraid to go to the court and she did not have any proof. So my mother put my second name with one of the relatives of my mother.

What is your mother's name?

Rita Kassamanian, that is Armenian name.          

When they met, how old are they at that time?

My father's age should be approximately 21-22 year old and my mother one year younger.

When she met wtih your father in Lebanon, what was you mther's job?

She studied in first year in the American University of Beirut.

Why did your mother agree to marry with him?

I think because he worked hard to get her love. He came eight times to her home and then invited her for a dining in the hotel where he was staying.      

After marrying your mother, why did your father not take her to Saudi Arabia?

My father is from Al-Saud but his handicapped not Bin Abdul Aziz. But his wife Luluwa was very strong and she is the older sister of King Salman. My father married with mother in secret.

When were you born?

14 July 1958 in Beirut.

Did your father know when you were born?

My father came to Lebanon two years after I was born. He met my mother on the street. Then he asked his chauffeur to give her a gift for me. But my mothre threw it. After that, they never saw each other anymore.

How many times did you meet with your father?

The last time I met him in 2009 at his home in Paris.

Did he invite you?

I came by myself because I got a news he was there. I went there with my son. I broke the security barriers and entered his home. I told him, "Look father, it's me, your son." He replied, "Go out!"

So I wnet out and we started to shout. And the French police came.

I met him for the first time in 1980. I met him in Frankfurt officially because I wrote him a letter.

He was shck then he visited me in Frankfurt. He took me in his hands and he started to cry. He told me, "Adolf you are my son. I am sorry for everything. I have to take care about you because I have other sons. You have to be careful."

Then he sent me monthly around US$ 1,000 from 1980-1988. After that he stopped it, I don't know what happen and the relation between us, it was very bad.

He was sending money to me from his secretary in London.

When I was three years old, my mother was hiding me from school to school because my father's wife in Saudi Arabia gave an order to kidnap me and to kill me.

How did you know you father is Prince Faisal bin Turki?

My grandmother told me, not my mother. She never told me about that. My grandmother always said, "Look you are a prince."

Does you mother still alive?

Yes, she now lives in Kanada. She is 84 years old.        

How about your father?

He is also still alive. He should be 86.

I have his mobile, he did not block me. I call him everyday hundreds of time. He only answered two or three times.

His question is "What do you want from me?" I told him, "I want your money, I want your love, I want your passion, I want your heart, I want everything. I am your son."

Do your brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia know about you?

Yes, I have all mobile numbers of them. One secret person gave them to me. I called them but they blocked me. Only one sister, Nouf, answered and I talked to her three times.

She told me, "Adolf you are not brother, I am sorry."

Do you wish to meet your father again?

I want to sleep with him and to kiss him. I love him. Last years I had a contact with my cousins form Al-Saud family. I want to come to Saudi Arabia and try to meet with my father.

I know it is dangerous but I have to try. I am finishing now.


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