All Israeli officials responsible for war crimes against Palestinians

"All of them assured that the Palestinian issue is the most important problem in the muslim world," said Abu Marzuq.

25 Desember 2019 08:50

Three Hamas leaders: Khalid Misyaal, Musa Abu Marzuq, and Usamah Hamdan last week attended the four day Islam Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was the first summit that discuss all issues in the muslim world not held by OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference).

After arrived in Doha on Sunday, where he lives with his wife and six children after left Syria in 2012 the to Egypt, Abu Marzuq answered all questions submitted by Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp.

He is happy with the meetings with many officials and scholars who attended the Kuala Lampur summit. "All of them assured that the Palestinian issue is the most important problem in the muslim world," said Abu Marzuq.

He also responded to the announcement by chief of prosecutor of the ICC (International Criminal Court) last week that she will open investigation on war crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and West Bank, include East Jerusalem.


What is your comment about ICC decision to launch a probe on war crimes committed by Israel in West Bank and Gaza Strip?

ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda decision that she is prepared to begin an investigation into the Israeli war crimes in Gaza strip, West Bank and Jerusalem is an important step in the right direction, which will reveal to the whole world the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. Also the settlement in West Bank must be part of the investigation.

According to you, who are Israeli officials should be tried at ICC for war crimes against Palestinians?

We hold all of Israeli officials responsible for the crimes committed by the israeli occupation.

Do you believe the probe will lead to the trial of Israeli officials?

ICC step is an important recognition, which needs practical actions to be taken to bring the Israeli occupation and Israeli criminals to justice for their crimes.

Are you satisfied with the result of Islam Summit in Kuala Lumpur with regards of the issue of Palestine?

We had fruitful meetings with many officials and scholars who attended the Kuala Lampur summit. All of them assured that the Palestinian issue is the most important problem in the muslim world. We hope the feelings and thoughts that we heard from our brothers from all over the muslim world to be translated into actions because it's not the Palestinian cause, it's the cause of all of the muslim people

Do you think there should be an overhaul of OIC, therefore this organization can produce a breakthrough to reach the independence of Palestine?

We call upon all the muslim countries, people, and official organizations to have their role in supporting the Palestinian people in our march of liberation and to reach the independence of Palestine.

Do you still believe there is a muslim country who give frankly support for the Palestinians or they just exploit the Palestinian cause for their domestic interest?

We have recieved all kinds of supports ( the military, political, financial etc) despite the reasons behind giving the support. The only support we reject is the conditional support.

The US already recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved their embassy there. Are you still convince the people of Palestine can gain an independent and sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital?

The unlimited support of the US to the illegal Israeli occupation will not lead us to retreat. It gives us more support to keep fighting until we liberate Palestine, but we are in need of the support of our muslim brothers.

For some muslims the issue of Palestine-Israel is an everlasting conflict. What is your comment about that?

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has promised us in the Holy Quran that we will defeat them

"فَإِذَا جَاء وَعْدُ الآخِرَةِ لِيَسُوؤُواْ وُجُوهَكُمْ وَلِيَدْخُلُواْ الْمَسْجِدَ كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَلِيُتَبِّرُواْ مَا عَلَوْاْ تَتْبِيراً"

The english equivalent is "When the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your masjid as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power."

So, it's not an everlasting conflict, we all have to exert the maximum efforts to fulfill Allah’s promise.

Menachem Klein, professor in political sciences at Bar Ilan University, Israel, poses with the background of the image of  Al-Aqsa in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, December 15, 2015. (Faisal Assegaf/Albalad.co)

Muslim communities are bored and desperate with the issue of Palestine

"I wish to make it clear, no one will liberate the Paletinians or work for them. They must operate, be active," said Menachem Klein.

Rabbi David Rosen from the American Jeiwsh Committee and the Secretary General of the Muslim Wrld League Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al-Isa. (Rabbi David Rosen for Albalad.co)

The visit was important for relations between Islam and Judaism

In the context of Israel and Jews, Indonesia is a victim of false propaganda and misrepresentation.

Juru bicara Taliban Suhail Syahin. (Suhail Syahin buat Albalad.co)

We want to establish a truely Islamic government in Afghanistan which is not like ISIS

"Daesh is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan and have foreign agenda. Their conduct with common people was brutal, killing them on mere suspicion while we consider ourselves as servants of our people, recruit from them and live among them," said Taliban spokesperson Suhail Syahin to Albalad.co.

Juru bicara Kementerian Luar Negeri Israel Lior Hayat. (Lior Hayat buat Albalad.co)

Israel has no any obstacle to establish a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia

Indonesia's decision to conect its diplomatic relations with Israel with the conflict is their choice and does not contribute to resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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