We want to establish a truely Islamic government in Afghanistan which is not like ISIS

"Daesh is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan and have foreign agenda. Their conduct with common people was brutal, killing them on mere suspicion while we consider ourselves as servants of our people, recruit from them and live among them," said Taliban spokesperson Suhail Syahin to Albalad.co.

30 Desember 2019 12:53

Taliban is still a key player in the peace pocess in Afghanistan. Some worry once a peace agreement signed with the US and Taliban came into power, they will create a so called Islamic government which is terrifying.

But Taliban spokesperson Suhail Syahin insists that Taliban wants to establish a truly Islamic government. "Daesh is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan and have foreign agenda. Their conduct with common people was brutal, killing them on mere suspicion while we consider ourselves as servants of our people, recruit from them and live among them," said Suhail Syahin in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp today.


In the latest development, Taliban have ambushed peace convoi and kidnapped 26 peace activist. If Taliban is really want to make a peace why did Taliban still do that?

Taliban have not ambushed the peace convoy but always helped them to freely travel in the country without any security problems. The peace activists you have mentioned are continuing their journey in provinces, though some suspect them that they do not oppose foreign occupation in Afghanistan but only kept on telling IEA (Taliban) to stop fighting while main factor for continuation of the war in Afghanistan is presence of foreign troops in the country.

What is the main issue that keep the process of negotiations between Taliban and the US failed?

The negotiations have not failed but once they were delayed as a result of Mr Trump tweet and now there is a short pause because we needed to send a delegation from the Political Office to our leadership to consult with them about providing a conducive and peaceful atmosphere during the signing of the agreement. The delegation is still there. When they return, we will update the media about it.

Do you think Taliban leadership will agree with this negotiation process with the US?

They have already agreed because we have started the peace process on the order of our leadership. Time and again, a delegation from the Political Office has visited the leadership and shared with them the written agreement.

Based on Taliban time table, when the final agreement with the US will be reached?

The agreement has been finalized. It only remains to be signed. We are working to have a conducive atmosphere with reduction in military activity when the agreement is signed.

What is the option will be taken by Taliban if there is no agreement?

We prefer to solve the issue through peaceful means. Otherwise, there is no solution except the military one.

If Taliban reached a peace agreement with the US, will there any change of Taliban's paradigm against Afghan women and diversity?

After the signing of the agreement, we will enter intra-afghan negotiations. All points will be discussed on the table. In principle, we acknowledge women’s right to education and work as per the Islamic rules.

Does it mean Taliban will allow Afghan women to get education and work?

Yes, should observe the Islamic veil.

How about religious minorities in Afghanistan like Shia, Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist?

There is no Christian and Buddhist minorities in Afghanistan. Furthermore, we have no problem with recognized minorities rights.

As a gentle measure, will Taliban ask apologize for Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban some years ago?

She is not targeted by us. We have been waging armed struggle inside Afghanistan for the liberation of our homeland from foreign occupation. We don’t carry out military activities beyond the borders of Afghanistan.

How do you see the role played by Indonesia and Saudi Arabia in peace process in Afghanistan?

It is no secret that Afghanistan is an occupied country and the struggle for its liberation has been continuing on the part of the Afghan people as being represented by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). If these two big Islamic countries play a role to achieve this end through peaceful means, it will be greatly appreciated by the people of Afghanistan.

According a research has been released by the New York Times, Saudi Arabia invested billion of dollars to spread Wahabism and intolerant Islamic teachings at madrasas accross Afghanistan. Is it true?

Yes, the spread of Daesh (ISIS) in Afghanistan is the result of that.

So what is the difference of the concept of Islam practised by Taliban and Daesh?

Daesh is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan and have foreign agenda. Their conduct with common people was brutal, killing them on mere suspicion while we consider ourselves as servants of our people, recruit from them and live among them. We want to establish a truely Islamic government in the country in a free and independent Afghanistan.

Can you elaborate what do you mean with a truely Islamic government?

Based on Islamic rules and principles.

Once agreement with the US signed, will Taliban take a democratisation path or something else to get into power in Afghanistan?

We want to put an end to the occupation, work for reconstruction and development of the country and have no foreign agenda beyond the borders of Afghanistan.

Can moderate Islam in Indonesia be a sample for Taliban?

Only Islamic rules are a sample for us and we leave this to the intra-Afghan negotiations following the signing of the peace agreement to decide about the form of the future Islamic system.

After the signing of peace agreement, will Taliban participate in election? Or Taliban will push a new draft of constitution based on Islamic principles?

Yes, will put forward new draft of constitution.

So Taliban will not recognize a democratic process orelection?

I don’t touch on any issue before the signing of the agreement and commencement of the intra-Afghan negotiations. Every side will bring their agenda to the table for discussion. However, it should be clear that the future government will be a truely Islamic governement. This has been made clear by all Afghan participant of intra-Afghan conferences held in Moscow and Doha.

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