There are daily classes teaching about ISIS ideology in Al-Haul camp

"There are also ISIS teaching books in the camp that have been discovered," said Caki.

21 Juni 2020 15:21

Al-Haul camp located in Hasakah Province in northeastern Syria is not a camp for ordinary refugees. This camp inhabited by wives and children of ISIS members, locals (Iraqis and Syrians) and also foreign ISIS fighters.

As of April 2019, the camp's population was 74,000, include 11,000 foreign citizens. Most of inhabitants of the camp are children.

According to Caki, an independent researcher who infiltrating social media used by family members of ISIS in Al-Haul camp, primarily Telegram app, there are daily classes that teach children of ISIS fighters about the ideology of ISIS in Al-Haul camp.

For security reasons, Caki asked not to publish his surename.

"There are also ISIS teaching books in the camp that have been discovered," said Caki in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp yesterday. "The ISIS women also let their sons mimicking their fathers and during Eid Fitr ran a training camp in the foreign section."


How many family members of ISIS fighters from ndonesia in Al-Haul camp?

The estimation is around 200 plus citizens from Indonesia but your government estimates it is to be around 600 across both camps (Al-Haul and Ar-Roj).

How about the acceptance on them by family members of ISIS from various nationalities?

Compared to Iraqis and Russians who have disputes, it's fairly better. Though the families of ISIS members from Indonesia have been targeted by the hisbah (ISIS sharia police). There were cases Indonesian citizens died after their tents have been set alight.

These happened caused by various reasons, but mostly because they did not followed the strict laws, like dress code.

When did it happen and how many tents occupied by Indonesians was set alight?

It happened back in January. The woman was injured but her two children died. It's hard to say actual numbers of Indonesians get their tents ablaze. But there were incidents of women being beaten and stabbed to death in tents by the hisbah. For instance, a pregnant Indonesian woman was beaten to death in the camp.

Until now, how many Indonesian women and children killed by the hisbah?

Until now there are four verified, two women and two children. But there are unconfirmed repirts say the number of Indonesians killed by the hisbah in the camp are higher. There were also incidents of women being attacked for denouncing the Islamic state.

Due to those such incidents, that means many Indonesian citizens in Al-Haul camp disagree with ISIS and wish to return back to Indonesia?

Some of them disagree yes and have become tired of the camp and find means to be out the camp through either smuggling or reaching out to the Indonesian government through media. Though at this time, the Indonesian government has said they would not take any of their 600 citizens back. They have said they would look at case by case for children under 10.

According to you, among tens of thousands foreign ISIS families in Al Haul, how many percentages of them who denounce ISIS and want to go home to their origin countries?

There are around 10,000 foreign family members of ISIS fighters in Al-Haul camp and just over 1,300 in Roj camp. It is difficult to put a percentage on how many of them denounce ISIS. But a many of them do wish for a repatriation by their own government.

Some have become tired because ISIS forces is not coming to free them while a majority are still sympathetic to ISIS. They regularly posting and asking for help from the sympathizers of ISIS outside the camp.

While Al-Haul camp is very chaotic, Roj camp is much better because foreigners live there are usually ones who want to be deradicalised either through their own will or due to threats by the hisbah members.

Recently there will be more ISIS family members from Al-Haul camp will be transferred to Roj camp. Some children will be moved out of Al-Haul camp, many of them are orphans, and then be taken to deradicalised centres.

Why the hisbah can operate freely in Al-Haul camp?

The hisbah can operate due to the fact there are less Asayish numbers for what the camp actually need. You have 66,000 persons in Al-Haul camp with around 400 guards

Is there any ISIS ideology teaching or class routinely among ISIS foreign families in Al-Haul camp?

For wives of ISIS members, it's forbidden to send their children to school in the camp as it's not Islamic teaching. So, ISIS women teach the children of other members. There are also ISIS teaching books in the camp that have been discovered. The ISIS women also let their sons mimicking their fathers and during Eid Fitr ran a training camp in the foreign section.

How many classes that teach ISIS ideology in Al-Haul camp? Are those classes conduct every day?

I am not sure abut the numbers but I know that children go to others tents and are taught about the ideology of ISIS. From what I know they are taught most days but am not completely sure on this.

Most of their teacher from what countries?

If you talk of Europeans, it has to be Russian women but also Arabs who came from other western European countries too, also from eastern Asians.

Is there from Indonesia?

Yes. They also post images of their children in camp acting like their fathers. You can find them thanking supporters who send money to them and their children are mostly used to show about these donations

How many the hisbah members in Al-Haul camp? And from what countries?

About the numbers, I am not sure their members form various countries, like Iraqi, Russian, Tunisian, Moroccan.

Is there from Indonesia?

I can’t confirm it.

Among families of foreign ISIS members, from what countries which dominate and influence the life of them in the camp?

Russians seem to be most prominent in the camp and what goes in the foreign section.

How they can get money transfer from outside?

They run donation pages to get money from supporters across globe. The money is then wire taped into Syria through like Western Union. There are their stalls in the camp to collect their donated money. These Western Unions stalls actually set up for local families of ISIS members (Iraqis and Syrians).

Did the SDF guards or authorities know about that?

Yes they know about it. Even the US Congress said this money is used to pay smugglers and terrorism. It’s not only used to buy food and goods.

Did the authorities try to stop this transfer or it is uncontrollably?

No, they haven’t tried to stop. It is difficult to keep an eye on who picks up money but countries who have known supporters making donations should do more as they fund a well known terrorist organisation.

From what countries the biggest transfer of money send to family members of foreign ISIS fighters in the camp?

Germany, UK, and Turkey.

Do the tranfers of money sent to the camp regularly?

Yes the pool pots are regularly available daily to donate pretty much each day. You will see pictures posted in the camp from members who received the money.

How much the numbers of the transfers every day?

Hard to give exactly the amount but you will have people who donated a 1000 dollars at a time. So they aren’t so poor.

How about the transfer of money from Indonesia?

There is a few but given actual numbers is impossible as most times these donations are made anonymously.

Regarding those facts, it means foreign family members of ISIS in the camp can get enough food?

Yes even with food aid that rest of population get, these women eat much better than the locals.

In Al-Haul camp, is there a separation section between foreign family members of ISIS from one country with another country?

There is a section for foreign citizens and another section fr Iraqis and Syrians. But the market place is open to all, so they do come in contact with each other.

How many persons live in each tent in the camp?

One for each family.

Do the hisbah members patrol everyday?

Yes they make sure others abide by rules. They have also carried out beatings on anyone who has disobeyed and for one instance a grandmother killed her granddaughter who didn’t obey the dress code.

What are their rules?

The rules that they lived under the so-called caliphate, the sharia they did in Bagouz too.

Can you explain what kind of sharia law they impose in the camp?

They have fatwas from ISIS. They used this on the inside and follow these rules from teachings, dress code, and punishment.

Do the hisbah have weapons?

Yes weapons have been found inside the camp from guns and recently bomb making material. These things comes through market place and SDF have banned certain items.

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